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The Information and Documentation Unit, which is open to the public, can be described as one of Sri Lanka's extensive collections of materials on Law and Human Rights. The LST library consists of approximately 8,500 volumes of books, includes a rare collection of early Sri Lankan Legal literature as well as contemporary archival material, such as the New Law Reports, Sri Lanka Law Reports, Legislative Enactments, Acts of Sri Lanka, The Parliamentary Debates and Government Gazettes. The reference collection is particularly rich in historical material related to Sri Lankan Legal system.

The Library contains 60 titles of Sri Lankan and International Journals, including bulletins and newsletters which are relevant to existing research programmes. Besides direct purchasing, the library obtains publications through exchange basis of the LST Review and by gifts from various local, regional and international organisations. The LST Review, our monthly publication and Sri Lanka State: of Human Rights, our annual publication which contains articles contributed by leading professionals, are available on an exchange or request for any professional journal or annual publication of interest and relevance to us. Newspaper clippings on selected issues (conflict related issues) are also available at the Information Centre.

Special collections include the Sam Kadirgamar collection, acquired in 1991 consisting of a substantial number of legal texts, Indian, English, South African & Sri Lankan Law Reports and several areas of law. The Canada section, set up with the assistance of the Canadian International Development Agency (CIDA), is a collection of the Dominion Law Reports (1956 -1990) & collection of the Osgoode Hall Law Journals (1958-1989). The Library also holds US Law Reports (1882-1984) and Indian Supreme Court Cases up to 2008.

Referral services are available to users through contact with other libraries and queries are directed to other organisations like the Nadesan Centre, Centre for Policy Alternatives, and International Centre for Ethnic Studies. The Documentation Unit continues its current awareness services by sending out a list of new book acquisitions and contents of current journals on a monthly basis to LST's contact list. The photocopying service provided by us continues to be extremely popular among library users, law students and researchers as they need photocopies of the reference material.


Harshani Connel

Publications - In-house editor

Dilhara Pathirana