The Research Unit undertakes non-partisan, independent research, with a view to establish the Trust as a significant think tank in Sri Lanka and the region. The small team has expertise in both law and sociology and has already submitted reform suggestions to the Constitutional Law Reform Committee and organized a series of discussions on transitional justice. The team primarily conducts national level advocacy and field research with the objective of bringing grassroots issues to the attention of policymakers.


The Trust has identified socio-legal issues as areas where research is required,.. After analyzing the research reports done by various institutions, it is of the view that there are certain aspects which are under-researched. It is also interesting to know that there are novel areas where none of the institutions have taken any initiative in exploring such issues. Taking this into consideration, the research team is taking the initiative in exploring these under -researched areas. The outcome of the research is geared to influence policymakers and the duty bearers.

Moreover, the research team also collaborates with other units of the Trust in their activities.

The combination of expertise in both sociology and law has contributed to designing, developing and conducting researches both at grassroots and policy level.